Mastermind Class Now Open

??if you are interested in working with educators around the country ⠀
??make your voice heard⠀
??be part of creating a strategic plan that can be brought to your district ⠀
??discussing how recent events have and should affect education ⠀

It is crucial to begin creating a plan. ⠀

■ Taking care of teachers now – before we reopen is crucial and so is listening to teachers.⠀

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ We had no choice how we had to exit but we DO have a Choice as to how we re enter ⠀
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ I⠀

Some of what we will be discussing ⠀
⠀Recent Events and sensitivity training
• trauma training for teachers- ⠀
• crisis intervention – ⠀
• hygiene in schools – ⠀
• new protocols and staff being added ⠀
• training on the new school day ⠀
• school hours ⠀
• standards realignment ⠀
• assessments ⠀
• senior requirements ⠀
• RTI⠀
• special education. ⠀

The impact on life will have to be addressed – student coping -⠀
• new procedures and protocol for those not observing social distance -⠀
• new protocol on sick days- ⠀
• sick leave – ⠀
• entrance to schools – ⠀
• off campus lunch – ⠀
• PE classes- ⠀
• locker rooms – ⠀
• lunch rooms – ⠀
• field trips – ⠀
• parent teacher conferences -⠀
• civic engagement – ⠀
• NHS volunteering – ⠀
• honor roll – ⠀
• drama – ⠀
• school sports ⠀
• school bands – ⠀
• extra curricular activities ⠀
• transportation⠀
• Proms⠀
• Graduation ⠀
• School Dances⠀
Those are simply a few in the list of what will be in place to go back – ⠀

????If you are interested – please message me or e mail:⠀

?????We have 11 open spots

About Us

Teach TLC Educational Consultants care about the education of children. As educators ourselves, we are committed to finding the best ways to help schools experience the greatest success.

We know that the key to success is in the culture and climate of every organization.

  • We provide solutions by partnering with you to improve the culture and climate.
  • We provide viable strategies that reinforce your mission, values, and strategic goals, enabling you to find greater success in your district.
  • We analyze data, meet with your staff, and give objective observations that will provide us with insight to give you strategies personalized to your precise needs.
  • We provide a clear road map to change by providing and implementing a program that creates a strong culture.
  • We equip staff at all levels, with a program that will increase the culture and desired results of the district.
  • We empower all with a program that promotes positive change.

We understand that the purpose of education is to enrich the lives of our students. In order to best serve them, it is crucial that the culture and climate of the school and district have strategies that are conducive to success.