They Closed All The Schools…Now What?

They closed all the schools down…what is a leader to do?

Powerful Leadership During Covid 19

In our wildest dreams, what educator or educational leader could have imagined the entire country closing schools for a pandemic? 

There is no way to explain or even make sense of what is going on in our world today.

In literally one week, the education system and schooling as we know it changed forever.

Teachers were asked to go online in what we have now come to know as Remote Learning.

Be honest…up until two weeks ago- there was no plan, no contingency set up, nothing prepared for staff or administration to face this unprecedented shift.

What did  happen was amazing, if I can be so bold to point out some light in this dark time. Teachers DID IT! Though they were unsure how or what to do- their dedication and love to their students was enough fuel to drive them to turn their classroom into a difital world that somehow was able to provide not only education, but also nurturing and personal touches. 

I must take time to praise the teachers of our nation. What they did and are doing is incomprehensible. I am in awe and amazed.

So, now what administrators? Having been a teacher and currently serving as an administrator- I can tell you that leadership is needed now more than ever. This boat is in rough waters captain- so take charge!

I did some preliminary research; talking to colleagues and family members locally and in other states to see how teachers felt about their leaders. I am happy to report- many felt that their principals and administrators reached out a lot over the first week. Google Hangouts, Zoom, WebEx, Email, Phone Calls, wetc. In fact some even said the amount of communication, at times was overwhelming.

Some questions you may need to ask yourself-

Am I checking in with my teachers

What are my expectations of them? Do they know? Have I been clear?

Do we have a plan if we spend the remainder of this year remotely?

Are we looking ahead to welcoming students back in the summer?

What about next school year?

How do we transition from 100% online to school as we knew it pre Corona Virus?

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